Bird Island in the Seychelles: Nature tourism at its best

Seychelles Bird Island: Nature tourism at its best

Blessed with pristine natural beauty, ranging from the amazing under water world of its azure ocean, to the magnificent sights and sounds of its forests, Seychelles is home to Bird Island which is a true a portrait of natural beauty.

Seychelles Bird Island

Natural tranquillity of paradise welcomes travellers to the shores of this amazingly beautiful island.  The medley of sounds of the indigenous bird colony on the island makes for a wonderful tropical island experience for visitors who appreciate nature and wildlife.  Amongst the 30 species of birds which can be observed here, the Brown Noddy is one of the more common birds on the island.


The Brown Noddy and the Lesser Noddy are both seabirds, but they are different in many ways, not only in appearance but also where they choose to build their nests. The Lesser Noddy is amazingly beautiful, with the colors of its feathers displaying various shades of grey, from light to dark. It is smaller than the Brown Noddy and has a longer beak.

Visitors to Seychelles Bird Island have the opportunity to see thousands of birds as these flying beauties live their lives, without being scared off or disturbed.  A bird is said to be a symbol of freedom, and freedom is what they get on Bird Island.

Bird Island Seychelles


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