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    Welcome to the Indian Ocean Islands booking portal, this is your opportunity to explore our unique portfolio of exotic island destinations. Enjoy the regional introductions and special offers by either booking online through our
    Sabre platform or by sending us an enquiry via our hotel pages. Enquiries will be managed individually by our team of travel professionals on each island destination.

  • Mauritius


    Mauritius is a gem, with expansive lagoons, brilliant golf courses and a diverse collection of year round water-sports. The regions established resorts make this a world class destination for not only its beauty and hospitality
    but also a rich cultural diversity. A strong financial hub also makes this a formidable banking centre.

  • Mozambique


    Mozambique has a pristine coastline which boasts some of the Indian Ocean's best kept island secrets. Their outstanding resorts with an abundance of sea life and numerous picturesque white sand islands offer visitors a
    mystical and romantic experience. Also renown for its exceptional dive sites, angling, flavorful seafood cuisine and exclusivity.

  • Maldive Islands


    Maldives represents more than a thousand islands and atolls, tall palm trees, coral sand beaches and pristine reefs that make the region a true paradise. With a year round climate these small islands usually have only
    one resort and with dense tropical vegetation, crystal lagoons and reefs that drop down to unbelievable depths they equal a marine experience like no other.

  • Seychelles Islands


    Seychelles is unique with 115 picturesque granite inner and coral outer islands. The diversity of the territory offers visitors a glimpse into a garden of eden with deep established tropical forests and secret beaches tucked off
    the tourist routes. The hotels and their properties are pristine and with more than half the region a nature reserve makes for a true nature lovers paradise.

  • Reunion Island


    Reunion rises out of the Indian Ocean to a height of 2631meters with a combination of steep cliffs, white beaches and tropical reefs, that make this island the perfect adventure destination. Combining its marine diversity with
    volcanoes, waterfalls, horse riding and paragliding contribute towards a culturally diverse island equaling a rather unique tropical encounter.


Established in 2008, we have worked with our regional stakeholders across the Indian Ocean Islands to bring together the rich and diverse hospitality offerings of the best hotels, Island resorts, lodges and privately owned tourism establishments. Representing their natural beauty, diverse fauna and flora, unparalleled service, local hospitality and the charm of the Vanilla Islands.

Our mantra is to position the Indian Ocean region as a quality world class holiday destination that offers unparalleled diversity and one of the last frontiers for sustainable
tourism. The Resorts and Hotels on the Indian Ocean Islands have been carefully selected in the very best locations, which are individually and beautifully designed to reflect
the styles and influences of their magnificent surroundings.

Indian Ocean Island.com is an initiative undertaken to link a very successful online booking platform in operation since 2001 with regional partners in all of our island nations.
We are also working with Sabre's trusted hospitality solutions, that provide us with a live availability viewing, confirmation and secure payment platform.

Tasteful styles and tropical elegance is reflected in the exclusive amenities and facilities offered at the individual resorts. Uniquely decorated rooms and suites provide
magnificent views of the turquoise lagoons, with white beaches and coral reefs awaiting our visitors.

Modern health & beauty spas found at the resorts, are sanctuaries of well being, tranquility & relaxation, however the resorts and surrounds also provide the perfect setting for adventure, family, sport, conference and cultural experiences. Honeymooners and weddings parties are also high on our list of customers, who will return home after having booked through us with memories to last a lifetime.